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Kindle Cook Flameless Heating System (KC-B850MP2)

Kindle Cook Flameless Heating System (KC-B850MP2)
Kindle Cook Flameless Heating System (KC-B850MP2)
Kindle Cook Flameless Heating System (KC-B850MP2)
Kindle Cook Flameless Heating System (KC-B850MP2)
Kindle Cook Flameless Heating System (KC-B850MP2)
Kindle Cook Flameless Heating System (KC-B850MP2)
Kindle Cook Flameless Heating System (KC-B850MP2)
Kindle Cook Flameless Heating System (KC-B850MP2)
Kindle Cook Flameless Heating System (KC-B850MP2)
Kindle Cook Flameless Heating System (KC-B850MP2)
Kindle Cook Flameless Heating System (KC-B850MP2)

Great for Emergencies, Travel, and Outdoor Adventures! The Kindle Cook Flameless Cooking System provides a fast, convenient way to heat all types of foods and liquids without the need for ignitable sources. The Kindle Cook System is a stainless steel container that sits within a polymer outer shell. Between the two rests a Max Heat Pack water-activated heater, which, when a little water is added to it, quickly heats up and gets your meal piping hot within minutes, and stays hot!

Why Do You Need This System?
You may think, “I already have a stove, why do I need this?” Here’s why:
  • No Ignition Required. All stoves, whether they use natural fuels or synthetic, depend on their ignition for activation. With the Kindle Cook System, you simply need a Max Heat Pack (2.1 oz.) and a little water (or even snow!) and the system kicks in and begins immediately heating your food. No liquid fuels to carry or mess with, and no matches or lighters required. This system is fool-proof. With traditional stoves, jets can get clogged, leaks can occur, and fuel can evaporate. Not so with the Kindle Cook System.
  • The System Can Be Used to Store Other Gear When Not In Use. The interior dimensions of the stainless steel container are 6.5” x 4.5” x 2”. You can pack a lot of medical supplies, survival equipment, etc., in the interior and secure it with the locking lid. Then, keep it in your car or anywhere else you may need it, and you will have both the Kindle Cook System to heat food with and whatever else you have stored inside. Of course, you could also simply store extra Max Heat Packs inside the Stainless Steel Pan to ensure you have plenty of heat ready to go.
  • The System Can Be Used Indoors. Whether you are in your home during a blackout, in a tent, or a makeshift shelter – you can use the Kindle Cook Flameless Cooking System without having to go outside. The System does not produce any noxious gases (only a small amount of water vapor will escape during heating). You can stay warm inside your shelter while the Kindle Cook works to make yourself a hot meal, or even simply heat water (in the Stainless Steel Pan) to make a hot drink.
  • The System Stays Warm Up to an Hour. Remarkably, the system will generate heat and stay warm for up to an hour. The polymer outer shell and secured lid provides excellent insulation to keep whatever you have placed inside the Stainless Steel Pan hot.

  • Can You Heat MREs With This System?
  • Yes! In fact, you do not need to open the MRE Main Meal pouch in order to use this system. Simply place the MRE Main Meal, still in its foil pouch, inside the Stainless Steel Pan, add a sufficient amount of water to the pan to cover the main meal and enable even heating, and you not only warm the main meal but can use the heated water from the Stainless Steel Pan to make coffee, tea, etc., and you have no mess to clean up! (See Photo with MRE Main Meal Pouch).
  • We’ve been able to heat 6 MRE Main Meal Entrees with this system (consecutively) using only ONE Max Heat Pack!

  • Can I Use Dehydrated Foods With This System?
  • Absolutely. Simply add the contents of your dehydrated meal to the Stainless Steel Pan, add the required amount of water to rehydrate the meal, and once the heating starts, enjoy your hot meal in about 8-10 minutes.

  • Can I Use Snow To Activate the System?
  • You bet! All you have to do is cup snow in the palm of your hands and let it melt just enough to drip onto the Max Heat Pack. Slowly, the Max Heat Pack should begin to activate. Put the rest of the snow over the heatpack and watch it melt from the heat! It is now fully activated!

  • Other Attributes:
  • The Stainless Steel Pan Can Be used to Purify Water or Cook From Traditional Heat Sources. If you are out of Max Heater Packs, you can use the stainless steel pan to continue to cook food and boil water with traditional heat sources as you would with any other pan. The Stainless Steel Pan holds up to 850 ml – that’s a lot of water you can boil in one shot!
  • You Don’t Actually Need The Included Water Bottle. The small water bottle that is included is simply there for you to get used to adding the correct amount of water to the Max Heat Pack to get things going. But you can use the packaging that the Max Heat Pack comes in to do the same thing. See the photo. The line indicates where 150 ml of water will level out when held loosely in your hand. Just remember where that line is, and you can ditch the water bottle and use that space to store extra gear instead.

  • FAQS:
    Where Do I Get More Max Heat Packs?
  • A: The system was designed to be used with 60g/2.12 oz Max Heat Packs. These come in 5 packs and sold right here as well! See the below link:
    Buy Additional Max Heat Packs Here!

    Can I Drink the Water that Boils?
  • A: No. The water used to activate the Max Heat Pack will begin to boil, but you should not drink this water. Even though it is recognized as safe, we do not advise drinking the remnant water used by the Max Heat Pack. Again, it’s a layered system: the polymer bottom pan contains the Max Heat Pack and activation water, then the Stainless Steel Pan goes over this. You can heat water in the Stainless Steel Pan, but it will not get to a rolling boil. However, it will certainly get hot enough for tea, coffee, or cocoa, etc.

  • The shelf life is 3 to 5 years depending on appropriate dry storage.
  • The heat packs active ingredients are Calcium Hydroxide and Sodium Bicarbonate.
  • The vapour is only water vapour.
  • Eco-Friendly
  • The residual compound in the water is Calcium Carbonate (Limestone) and NaON (powder), which is non-toxic, doorless, water-insoluble and environment friendly. This powder is less toxic than regular mud, salt and sand.
  • The peak temperature under ideal weather conditions (68ºF) is of 208.4 Degrees F.

    Includes: Stainless Steel Bowl, Measuring Bottle, Plastic PP Container, Neoprene Sleeve, Airtight Locking Lid, 2 Max Heat Packs, Instructions (additional heatpacks sold separately Here)
    Note: Product Packaging may look slightly different than photo: International version / English & French text.

    Add This System to Your Emergency Preparedness Kit Today!

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