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Utility Gel Fire Starting Gel Two Pack (SM22000)

Utility Gel Fire Starting Gel Two Pack (SM22000)
Utility Gel Fire Starting Gel Two Pack (SM22000)
Utility Gel Fire Starting Gel Two Pack (SM22000)
Utility Gel Fire Starting Gel Two Pack (SM22000)

Versions of this kind of fire-starting fuel have been in use for decades, and used to good results by militaries around the world. However, what is different is the packaging. Much more durable than previous versions, the NDUR Utility Flame Gel stands up to more robust carrying in the field, while still performing well when needed. Its a great way to get a fire going in windy conditions (where other commercial tinders in particulate form may blow away). As well, a pack or two of these gels will fit easily into your kit without you even noticing it.

The NDUR Utility Flame Gel is lightweight, inexpensive, safe to transport by aircraft and extremely versatile. Its uses are unlimited - it will boil water, provide emergency sterilization, make hot MREs, reconstitute freeze dried foods, heat a cup of coffee, dry wet clothing, provide warmth and start a campfire. It can be used as a heat source in virtually any environment and situation. Because Utility Flame is not a hazardous material, it requires no special clean up or handling. Once the gel has burned, all that is left at the site is Silica sand that easily brushes away.

  • Two Units
  • Smokeless / Odorless
  • Non-Toxic / Water-Soluble
  • Non-Hazmat
  • Not Explosive
  • Burns up to 1358F (737C)
  • Burns at -23F (-20.5C)
  • Burns over 10,000 ft Elevation
  • Boils Water Easily
  • Does not Evaporate, Freeze or Melt
  • Indefinite Shelf-Life (Tested up to 12 Years)
  • No EPA Restrictions (Not a HAZMAT)
  • Can be Transported by Airline or Mail

  • Weight: 2.5 oz for two pack

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