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Field Dressing Game - DuraGuide (WPGFDG-011)

Field Dressing Game - DuraGuide (WPGFDG-011)
Field Dressing Game - DuraGuide (WPGFDG-011)
Field Dressing Game - DuraGuide (WPGFDG-011)

Field Dressing Game; A Waterproof Pocket Guide to What a Novice Needs to know. This handy new Duraguide™ provides a simplified introduction to safe practices and procedures for field dressing various species of game and fish, including rabbits, squirrels, deer and large mammals, ducks/geese, pheasant, turkeys and small game birds. Also references hunting etiquette, safe cooking of wild game and the edibility of reptiles, amphibians, insects and road kill. This practially indestructible guide is the perfect companion to have in your pocket whenever you head out during hunting season.

About the Duraguide™ Series: The Duraguide™ series are a line of practically indestructible folding field guides. Printed on an innovative waterproof, rip-proof paper, these guides are built to last and can take a beating in the bottom of a pack or boat for years to come. Weighing in at just 1 oz., they are the light heavyweights of field guides and pack a considerable punch.

Duraguide™ titles present valuable how-to information in a format that will never let the user down regardless of the conditions or abuse inflicted. Beautifully illustrated and written with the simplicity and clarity we are noted for, these guides will soon be everyone’s choice to take along on outdoor adventures.

Author: James Kavanagh
Illustrations: Raymond Leung

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