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Reflective Survival Tent - Two Person (SM117)

Reflective Survival Tent - Two Person (SM117)
Reflective Survival Tent - Two Person (SM117)
Reflective Survival Tent - Two Person (SM117)
Reflective Survival Tent - Two Person (SM117)
Reflective Survival Tent - Two Person (SM117)

This Reflective Survival Tent has a few things that the others do not. It�s very durable � the most durable survival tube tent in its class that we have seen. And, it is sealed on one end and the other has doors � a detail many others miss. One person can be very comfortable in this tent, but two people can fit into it if the situation presents itself.


1. Material: aluminized PVC inner lining bonded to a tough, non-woven nylon outer shell.

2. Reinforced Seams: the seams on this tent are reinforced with the same material the tent is constructed from. Other kinds of tents only use tape for reinforcement. This tent goes the extra distance to maximize its durability.

3. Heat Reflective: The aluminized PVC lining does a great job reflecting and conserving heat.

4. Wind & Waterproof.

5. Completely Re-useable.

6. Tear Resistant: unlike other tube tents, this tent is highly resistant to punctures and tears.

7. Doors: tie-down door flaps in front, and a sealed rear make this tent better than the others at conserving heat and keeping out wind.

8. High Visibility: the bright orange exterior provides high contrast against natural environments.

9. Easy to set up: The tent comes with nylon cord and four stakes to erect and stake down. Simply stake down, and run the line through a grommet opening in the rear through the interior top apex and out the front apex, attaching each running end to a tree, etc. Very simple and quick to set up.

10. Can Be Used as a Bivvy (survival sleeping bag): Even if you either don�t want to or cannot set the tent up, it can be used as a bivvy.

11. Lightweight: The entire tent, with stakes and rope, has a package weight of 1 lb. 8 0z.

12. Dimensions: This tent is long. It has a footprint of 36� wide and 82� long. It�s very comfortable for one person, but two people in a survival situation can fit into this tent. It stands to 29� high, which is a good height to maximize heat retention. Packed dimensions are 12x9x3.5�

Perfect for:
  • Emergency and Bug Out Kits and Bags
  • Vehicle, Marine and Aircraft Survival Kits

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