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Waterproof Notebook with Pencil (26-310-116)

Waterproof Notebook with Pencil (26-310-116)
Waterproof Notebook with Pencil (26-310-116)
Waterproof Notebook with Pencil (26-310-116)

Every survival and emergency kit should have a waterproof notebook so that you can make note of survival related tasks without the worry of your notes being ruined in wet weather. Use it to make note of snare and trap locations, inventory your supplies, or leave notes for potential rescuers. These notebooks are a great cost effective solution for you to include in your emergency and survival kit. Waterproof and tear proof, with an included pencil which is much better than using a pen in these situations, because pens may not flow in colder weather, or could spill their ink.

Durable waterproof, tear-proof notebook
Handy survival essentials checklist on back cover
Great for keeping logs in wet environments
Pocket-sized to fit anywhere
50 page count
Pencil included
Dimensions: 3 in. x 5 in.
Weight: 2.6 oz.

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