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Aerovest (AEROVEST)

Aerovest (AEROVEST)
Aerovest (AEROVEST)
Aerovest (AEROVEST)
Aerovest (AEROVEST)
Aerovest (AEROVEST)
Aerovest (AEROVEST)

NOTE: Out of Stock. Possible return in 2013 if manufacturer can find an American company who will make the product at a reasonable cost.

The AeroVest  is an extremely lightweight vest (2 oz.) that, when inflated, provides significant protection from hypothermia. The vest is made from metalized polyethylene, a material designed to reflect your bodys heat. In addition to reflecting up to 90% of your core body heat, the Aerovest has an additional advantage when inflated. The air trapped in the vest acts as a thermal barrier-providing insulation in a way similar to goose down. The outer layer blocks rain and wind.

The inside metal layer reflects back 90% of your core body heat. The outside metal layer blocks the wind and rain. But the real benefit is when you inflate the 18 air pockets. This creates a thermal barrier, helping to keep the heat in and the cold out, like the way goose down works. Thats 3 layers to keep the heat in and cold out. AeroVest is compact and light. It weighs just 2 ounces, and you can fold it as small as a cell phone or ipod. It fits in any pocket, pack, or purse.

AeroVest is simple and easy to use. One size fits most teens and adults up to Mens XL (size 46 jacket). Start by removing AeroVest from the package and choose either the safety yellow or the high reflective silver side -- AeroVest is reversible so either side provides the same level of warmth and protection. Put it on, then secure it with the double stick tape for a loose fit. Insert the enclosed straw and blow it up for a custom fit. You will feel immediate warmth from your 98.6 degree breath as you inflate it. For maximum warmth use AeroVest as part of a layering system -- wear it over your shirt and under your jacket or coat. AeroVest is a "single use" emergency product that is durable enough for repeated use. We call it single use because once inflated it is very difficult to remove the air and return it to a flat pack. However, it can be stored and repeatedly used.

Its made from metalized polyethylene, a material similar to a "NASA space blanket" or Dupont Mylar. AeroVest is made in the USA. This is perfect insurance against the cold. A must have in an outdoor emergency. Take it hiking, camping, hunting, cycling, paddling, fishing, or any outdoor activity. Keep a few in the car, and take it to all your outdoor sporting events or activities. AeroVest is a perfect gift for the whole family, friends and loved ones.

  • Packable to 3.5" x 6", folded
  • 2 oz.
  • Suggestion: carry 8-10 inch surgical tubing for rapid inflation; fold and pack in an Aloksak Bag (9"x6") for greater protection -- especially if maintaining this item in a bug-out or emergency bag. (Aloksak bags also sold on this site).

At this size and weight, you cant afford NOT to carry this important, revolutionary survival and emergency item!

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