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Wind and Waterproof Matches Vacuum Pak of 10 (SM21265)

Wind and Waterproof Matches Vacuum Pak of 10 (SM21265)

These survival matches are the best available, and issued by the British Military to all their service components. Each waterproof sealed sachet contains 10 matches that burn for about 12 seconds each - even if wet!

Stop buying those cheap, supposedly "Strike Anywhere" matches that barely give you enough burn time to light anything with, and will not light if wet. These matches are time-tested by military forces worldwide as the best anywhere.

Each waterproof sachet comes with their own strikers, so you always have the perfect surface to strike the matches on.

Now do the math: about 12 seconds per match at about 10 matches per sachet = ~120 seconds or ~2 minutes of fire lighting burn time, even under wet conditions. That is a lot of fire starting power in such a small, lightweight sachet. Perfect for survival kits, bug out kits, and emergency kits of any kind.

NATO approved:NATO # 9920-00-966-9432.

The Sachet of 10 Matches is supplied with a striker board, and is vacuum sealed for added protection and longevity.

Perfect for your survival kit!

Note: Matches cannot be sent to international customers.

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