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Bowlder Bowl (SMBowlder)

Bowlder Bowl (SMBowlder)
Bowlder Bowl (SMBowlder)
Bowlder Bowl (SMBowlder)
Bowlder Bowl (SMBowlder)
Bowlder Bowl (SMBowlder)

Simple, lightweight, and efficient, the Bowlder Bowl is designed for students on Outdoor School trips, such as N.O.L.S. or Outward Bound courses.

A tough, Rubbermaid bowl made from high quality plastic that resists freezing and cracking provides the core. These bowls retain heat, are easy to clean, and contain a snap-on lid.

A 5mm thick neoprene cover fits snugly over the bowl and provides additional insulation without adding significant bulk or weight. This cover is enhanced with a resilient nylon outer shell available in several colors.

Outdoor educators know that students on expedition courses often lose their utensils, having to finish the course using improvised versions made from whatever is at hand, (an often unhealthy consequence). Bowlder Bowl combats this problem by attaching a high quality, deep-bowled Lexan spoon directly to the neoprene cover via a long, 3mm-thick nylon lanyard that does not need to be detached for comfortable eating.

Alternatively, spoon detachment is made simple (for stirring pots and other duties) using a durable nylon snap-ring, and a generous outer pocket for spoon storage and for keeping the spoon off the ground.

Perfect for outdoor-school students, campers, hikers, kayakers ... anyone!

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