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Survival Sewing Kit - Kevlar (SM-SSK)

Survival Sewing Kit - Kevlar (SM-SSK)

This sewing kit can ensure that whatever you need sewn will stay fixed.

  • 2 spools of 80 lb test Kevlar® sewing line, each containing 75 feet of braided line.
  • The spools are our Rapid Deployment Spools, which provide quick and efficient deployment as well as tangle free protected storage.
  • One spool contains green and one spool desert tan.
  • The green line has a water-resistant wax finish.
  • Includes a storage tube containing 7 assorted heavy duty stainless steel needles, including 2 sizes of US-made sailmaker needles.
  • The triangular sailmaker needle can also be used to drill wood and softer materials.
  • Most of the needles have large eyes so even the inner lines from 550 paracord can be used for sewing.
  • The kit is housed in a clear polypropylene case.
  • Case size: 2.75” x 3.75” x 0.75”. Weight: 1.73 oz.

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