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RipCord with GRIMLOC D-Ring System - Tactical (ripcordgrimloc)

RipCord with GRIMLOC D-Ring System - Tactical (ripcordgrimloc)
RipCord with GRIMLOC D-Ring System - Tactical (ripcordgrimloc)
RipCord with GRIMLOC D-Ring System - Tactical (ripcordgrimloc)
RipCord with GRIMLOC D-Ring System - Tactical (ripcordgrimloc)

OUT OF STOCK! The Fastest Deploying Parachute Cord System In The World: Parachute cord (paracord) is a critical piece of any survival kit; used for shelter building, snare construction, and many more uses. Carrying a sufficient supply, however, can get bulky, and deploying it can turn into a mess. The RipCord solves both problems. A tightly wound coil of genuine U.S. military parachute cord (7-strand, 550 lb. test) is deployed rapidly by pulling it from its anchor point, grabbing the loose end, and pulling the cord away from the coil. 20 feet of cord can be deployed in a couple of seconds this way, without tangling. The Ripcord is the choice of military professionals and special operators for its compactness and ease of use.

Our version of the Ripcord is supplied with a GRIMLOC D-Ring attachment system. The GRIMLOC can be used on any 1 inch wide piece of webbing and replaces the metal carabiner for attachment of lanyards, weapons, and accessories.

The GRIMLOC is fabricated from high strength lightweight polymer, incorporates GhillieTex IR-signature reduction technology, and resists solar heating. Its latch is designed with a detent to maintain an open position if needed and, while strong enough to carry equipment, it will break away with a soldier?s weight, eliminating snagging hazards which can cause serious injuries.

The Grimloc Locking D-Rings release button is textured for ease of use with gloved hands and works as a pump for purging trapped sand or water through integral drain holes. Since the Grimloc is made from polymer, it will not serve as a platform for ricochets or become a secondary projectile. Used extensively by the United States Army and Marine Corps.

The RipCord with GRIMLOC attachment system is the professionals choice for carrying and deploying paracord. Much faster than any paracord bracelet, key or sling fob, the RipCord is the one you need for when you need paracord the most.

Time is if the essence in many survival situations. Make sure time is on your side with the RipCord and GRIMLOC attachment D-Ring.


20 FEET of 7 Strand 550 lb. test U.S. Military Parachute Cord (160 feet worth of cord, including the shell).
(1) GRIMLOC attachment D-Ring.

Color: Both the cord and GRIMLOC are Tactical Green.

Both the RipCord and the GRIMLOC are manufactured in the USA.

CAUTION: Do NOT use this equipment for climbing. The GRIMLOC D-RING DOES NOT SUPPORT BODY WEIGHT. It is only an equipment attachment point!

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