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LazerBrite® Tactical Light System - Red & White (LB2-103-LHF)

LazerBrite® Tactical Light System - Red & White (LB2-103-LHF)
LazerBrite® Tactical Light System - Red & White (LB2-103-LHF)
LazerBrite® Tactical Light System - Red & White (LB2-103-LHF)
LazerBrite® Tactical Light System - Red & White (LB2-103-LHF)
LazerBrite® Tactical Light System - Red & White (LB2-103-LHF)
LazerBrite® Tactical Light System - Red & White (LB2-103-LHF)
LazerBrite® Tactical Light System - Red & White (LB2-103-LHF)

Not just a flashlight! The Revolutionary New Tactical Lighting System in Use by the U.S. Military. With thousands of LazerBrite® units currently being used by the U.S. military, the LazerBrite® modular light has been praised as one of the finest tactical flashlights available. Multifaceted, lightweight and submersible to 50 meters, this distinct LED light system has been custom-built for the serious user, providing light with unique advantages.

  • Two identical but different LED colored lights that can be separated and used individually for different purposes. Wide Angle, Signal, Chem-light-type, Low Signature Map Reading, Marking, and more.
  • Patented 360 degree rotational switch
  • Three modes of operation for each light: High, Low and Flash.
  • Emulate chemical lights / glow sticks
  • Create a focused spot
  • Operates as a wide angle flash light
  • Separate into independent lights sources
  • Marking / Landing Zones
  • Area Lighting
  • Waterproof design – Submersible to 50 m/164 ft.
  • Versatile modular design
  • Tough polycarbonate housing
  • Can be linked together (daisy chained)
  • Made in the USA

  • Benefits:
  • Lightweight - 4.6 oz / 130 g
  • Long lasting - 300 hours of bright usable light
  • Can operate for days on one set of batteries
  • Over 1,500 10 minute signals in one package
  • Reduce your load - Replaces multiple chemlights
  • 10 year battery shelf life

  • Each LazerBrite® unit can emulate a chemical glow stick, function as a wide-angle flashlight, separate into two lights for sharing and produce a focused spot.

    Submersible to 50 meters, LazerBrite® is the ultimate safety light. Batteries are included and, with up to 150 hours of illumination, you can trust LazerBrite® to be ready when you need it most.

    LazerBrite reinvents the flashlight. Traditional glow sticks glow and traditional flashlights produce a beam but LazerBrite’s modular design does both and a whole lot more. Users are able to customize each light to meet specific needs. LazerBrite® can emulate a glow stick, function as a wide-angled flashlight, separate into two lights for sharing, produce a focused spotlight, and multiple units can even be linked together to create a longer light baton in any color combination.

    The LazerBrite® modular design is a light-weight, high-powered lantern, tent lantern, tent marker, and still a traditional flashlight. The flashlight turned lantern also turns into two flashlights so you can share with a friend.

  • Military and Law Enforcement: Signaling, marking, personal lighting, available in infrared or visible light.
  • Emergency Preparation:10 year battery shelf life, small, lightweight, waterproof and reliable, with up to 150 hours of battery life, LazerBrite is perfect in a natural disaster or zombie attack.
  • Industrial Safety: Use LazerBrite on construction sites, oil-rigs and road and transportation projects to mark hazards, equipment, chemical spills or for other visual signaling - Also, personalize LazerBrite by adding your company's logo for a great, functional safety award.
  • Outdoor Recreation: Use as a tent lantern, flashlight, glowing marker or signaling unit while biking.
  • Hunting: Use LazerBrite Visible colors for all your lighting needs, blue for tracking, IR with night vision equipment.
  • Private aviation: Backup cockpit lighting and in your emergency kit.
  • Child Safety: See and be seen in traffic and use in place of a glowstick on Halloween and 4th of July.

  • Package Contents:
  • 2 - LazerBrite Multi-Lux Heads (One White, One Red)
  • 1 - Translucent Tube
  • 1 - Short Translucent Tube
  • 1 - Dome
  • 1 - Long Dome
  • 1 - Threaded Loop
  • 1 - Helix Bungee
  • 1 - 4 Strip Batteries CR-2032
  • Mil-Pak Packaging, Desert

  • Accessory Kits: See our Light Control and Attachment Accessory Kits for these units:
    Light Control Accessory Kit Click Here
    Attachment Accessory Kit Click Here

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