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Heavy Duty Slingshot Hunting Bands - 2 Pack (SM-1333)

Heavy Duty Slingshot Hunting Bands - 2 Pack (SM-1333)

Heavy Duty Slingshot Hunting Bands: (2 per package)


45-50 lbs pull on a 26-28 inch draw.

These replacement slingshot hunting bands are made from the best quality, pure latex-rubber. Pre-cut to length and ready to install, these bands will turn your Pocket Hunter into a big game hunting tool. Nock the arrow by inserting the paracord into the nock, pull the draw loop to collapse the leather pocket around the arrow, then sight down the arrow shaft; Ready-Aim-Fire.

Science Behind The Product:
A 0.4% carbon black jacket has been added to the rubber for the ultimate protection against damaging Ultraviolet light rays. (Adding black carbon is a method proven to prevent premature aging of rubber which has been used in the tire industry for over 100 years.) The black carbon helps make them the most durable slingshot bands ever.

NOTICES: Obey all local hunting laws before using this product. Buyer takes full responsibility for any use or misuse of this product.

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