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CyFlect® by Cyalume Reflective & Glow Tape - Adhesive (9-30014)

CyFlect® by Cyalume Reflective & Glow Tape - Adhesive (9-30014)

Reflects Light and Glows Bright: Visible Through Fog, Smoke and Wet Conditions

Visible through smoke, fog and any angle, Cyflect reflective and glow-in-the-dark safety tape will lead the way when the lights glow. Ideal for site marking, egress points, stairs, doorways and exit routes; CyFlect® is the only product where it is designed 100 percent to reflect both white light and glow bright.

  • Visible through fog and smoke
  • Retains reflective property when wet
  • Reflects white and glows a yellow green
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous, and waterproof
  • Proudly made in the USA

  • Well marked escape routes, hallways, egress points and stairwells are a must during emergency response and evacuation procedures. Unfortunately, too often these areas are the least naturally lit locations in a facility, ship or vehicle. Thatís why Cyalume created our reflective Cyflect safety and marking tape.

    CYFLECT is a visibility enhancing material that is both reflective and photoluminescent. Itís made of lightweight, flexible vinyl that reflects white in the light and glows bright green in total darkness. Perfect for marking sites, signs, displays, steps, stairs and doorways, Cyflect acts as a reflective marker that not only glows in the dark, but is visible through fog, smoke and wet conditions.

    Just a little short exposure to a light source is all that is needed, and Cyflect tape will be charged and ready for when the power goes out. Easy to install, Cyflect Tape has an industrial strength adhesive backing, making it a maintenance-free, durable solution you can count on during unexpected power outages or disasters.

    CyFlect Glow in the Dark Reflective Honeycomb Tape Ė 1.5 in x 5 feet

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