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Candle Tin Large - Slow Burn- 30 Hour Candle (002120-SLO)

Candle Tin Large - Slow Burn- 30 Hour Candle (002120-SLO)

The old survival adage, “Light a match, light a candle” is only made possible by having with you a candle of good quality and longevity in the event it proves difficult to get a larger fire going. That adage is best made with a candleTIN by Exotac. The candleTIN series offers the most versatile natural wax candle on the market. With three wicks in each candle, these candles can be a source of light or a powerhouse of heat.

The slow burn wick offers the longest burn time. A 30 hour continuous burn candle with one wick, or 10 hours with all three burning.

  • 100% Beeswax candle
  • Triple wick design for maximum efficiency and flexibility
  • Use for cooking, warmth, light and drying out tinder
  • Re-useable tin can hold other items after all the wax has been exhausted.
  • Made in the USA

  • SPECS:
  • 30 hour continuous burn with one wick lit, and 10 hours with all three.
  • Large Diameter: 2.95"
  • Large Height: 1.85"
  • Large Net Weight: 4.2oz
  • Large Gross Weight: 5.5oz

  • Retail:$12.95
    On Sale:$10.95
    You Save:16%
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