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Survival, Emergency and Preparedness Equipment and Supplies.
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Bush Mechanics Survival Training (

Bush Mechanics Survival Training (

Bush Mechanics is based out of San Diego, California. We run most of our survival courses on property nearest to Warner Springs on 25,0000 acres of San Diego's most secluded wilderness, with spectacular scenery. Home to the county's highest peak, deciduous and coniferous forest, desert springs, and a variety of wildlife such as coyotes, deer, mountain lion, bob cat, and much more. The property is a 1 hour 40 minute drive North East from downtown San Diego.

Our Jungle courses are run in the Rio Indio Maiz forest of Nicaragua hosted by Instructor Alberto Lopez of Costa Rica and the Rama Indians native to this wild Jungle.

The African Bush Skills courses are run on the property I was raised on in Tanzania, East Africa. It is a privilege for me to teach at home.

Instructor/Owner Joel van der Loon

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