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Blizzard SPR Blanket - Orange (BSPR-03-Orange)

Blizzard SPR Blanket - Orange (BSPR-03-Orange)

Orange, ultra-compact "super" blanket features Reflexcell™ technology and side slits for easy patient access.

Blizzard SPR Blanket is the latest addition to the Blizzard Survival product line for military and emergency applications. As a combination of two award winning blankets that are standards of care for US and international militaries, the Blizzard SPR Blanket provides essential features while remaining a compact and lightweight solution. The blanket's pod shape and side slits allow caregivers full patient access at all phases of treatment. The Blizzard SPR Blanket is easy to unfold, easy to deploy, and facilitates a carry when a litter is unavailable. The small cube and weight allow for easy storage.

The Blizzard SPR Blanket provides the same full body coverage and access as the Blizzard Heat Casualty Blanket with 25% less material, without heat pads, and has a cube and weight similar to the Blizzard Survival Blanket. Utilizes the revolutionary Reflexcell Technology to circulate body heat within the bag and its protective wall.

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