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Blizzard Baby Wrap - Emergency - Orange (BPS-23-O)

Blizzard Baby Wrap - Emergency - Orange (BPS-23-O)

Wind & Waterproof / Insulating Blizzard Baby Wrap:

Keeps babies warm and dry, and can be opened and resealed to examine and treat the baby.

  • The Blizzard Baby Wrap is a high performing insulating pouch, which is wind proof and water proof.
  • Developed in conjunction with London Ambulance Service the Blizzard Baby Wrap is designed to help keep neonates (new born babies) warm.
    The Blizzard Baby Wrap comes with a self-adhesive front opening that can be opened and closed as often as required to examine or treat the baby.
  • Made from Reflexcell™ the Blizzard Baby Wrap is wind proof and water proof providing unrivalled warmth and thermal qualities and comes in a very small pack no larger than a mobile phone.

  • SPECS:
  • Size (vacuum packed): 10cm x 7cm x 1cm.
  • Weight: 55 grams. (1.94 oz)
  • Size (unpacked): Length 65cm x width 24cm.
  • Color: Orange.

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