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Tinder Cards - 18 Pack (tindercard)

Tinder Cards - 18 Pack (tindercard)

These Tinder Cards are a great addition to your survival kit or Bugout bag. Tinder Cards are made of flammable pieces of impregnated fibrous material. They are safe, compact, and easy to carry. Tinder cards are a convenient, ready source of fire tinder, that work in wet or dry conditions.

Packaged in flat cardboard-like cards, when pulled apart, the Tinder Card fire tinder shows its fibrous nature. This allows it to be an excellent complement to a flint and striker fire starter.

Once ignited, the emergency fire lighting tinder burns slowly like a candle. Only a small amount is required for a survival kit. This emergency fire tinder packs smaller than similar products or fire starting alternatives.

It is important to have a fire starter in an emergency situation, however, you must also have something to light that will burn long enough to be useful. This is the purpose of the Tindercards fire lighting tinder.

Each Tinder Card pack contains Qty 6 each of 8 inch by 4 inch sheets that can be broken down into Qty 18 smaller tinder sheets. (Each sheet has perforations making it easy to divide one sheet into three tinder card strips of 1.25" x 8", but smaller portions can easily be made.) A little goes a long way, so these will last for many outings.

A single 8 inch by 4 inch sheet is good for at least 10 fire starts and weighs just 1 ounce.

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