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Pocket Survival Pak PLUS (SM0140-0717)

Pocket Survival Pak PLUS (SM0140-0717)
Pocket Survival Pak PLUS (SM0140-0717)
Pocket Survival Pak PLUS (SM0140-0717)
Pocket Survival Pak PLUS (SM0140-0717)
Pocket Survival Pak PLUS (SM0140-0717)
Pocket Survival Pak PLUS (SM0140-0717)
Pocket Survival Pak PLUS (SM0140-0717)
Pocket Survival Pak PLUS (SM0140-0717)

The latest in Pocket Survival Kits! Designed by Doug Ritter, this kit includes everything in the Pocket Survival Pak, PLUS a CRKT RSK-MK5 knife, an E-Gear PICO LED light, Katadyn Micropur MP1 water purification tablets, and a 1-liter collapsible water bag - all packed in a waterproof welded-fabric pouch that fits in your pocket.


  • RF-welded, waterproof carry pouch
  • Instructions specific to items in the kit
  • Tools to make shelter, trap/catch food, start fire, signal, and more.

  • CRKT RSK-MK5 knife
  • E-Gear PICO LED light
  • (6) Katadyn Micropur MP1 water purification tablets
  • (1) 1-liter collapsible water bag
  • Rescue Howler Whistle
    Extremely loud. Exceeds SOLAS and U.S. Coast Guard specifications, triple-frequency with lanyard hole.
  • Rescue Flash Signal Mirror
    Visible over 20 miles, durable LEXAN? polycarbonate mirror with mil-spec retro-reflective aiming aid for one-handed use.
  • 20mm Survival Compass
    Accurate, liquid damped, fast acting needle, with groove to accept an improvised lanyard ring.
  • Spark-Lite Firestarter
    Spark-Lite is a waterproof official military firestarter, useable one-handed and tested for over 1,000 sparks.
  • Tinder-Quik
    Tinder-Quik is waterproof and burns for 2-3 minutes giving you plenty of time to light a fire.
  • Waterproof Survival Instructions
    Includes detailed, easy to understand, practical information on: setting a plan of action; building shelter; starting fires; obtaining water and food; distress signaling; travel; and how to use the items in this kit to save your life. Includes 33 illustrations!
  • Duct Tape [2" x 26"] - repairs, first aid; the ultimate repair and improvisation component.
  • Scalpel Blade [#22] - stainless steel, sealed in foil; more functional than a razor blade
  • Stainless Steel Utility Wire [6 ft. of 0.020"] - mil-spec grade, stronger than brass
  • Fresnel Lens Magnifier [2" x 3"] - read small print, especially if glasses lost; start fires using the sun.
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Thread [50 ft.] - repairs, fishing line, and much more.
  • Braided Nylon Cord [10 ft., 150 lb. test] - shelter building, repairs, and much more; wont unravel.
  • Fishing Kit: Fish Hooks [4], Sinkers [2] and Snap Swivel - use with heavy duty nylon thread to fish.
  • Heavy Duty Sewing Needle - will penetrate heavy materials; large eye for easy threading.
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil [3 sq. ft.] - form container to boil water, cook, reflect fire heat and much more.
  • Safety Pins #3-2" [4] - expedient repairs, secure gear to prevent loss and much more.
  • Pencil and Waterproof Note Paper [2 pcs.] - leave notes, memory aid, keep log.
  • Contents List - visible through back of kit so anyone can see what is inside even if owner can no longer assist; annotated with suggestions for use, compliments Survival Instructions.

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