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Light Load Towels (856147000010)

Light Load Towels (856147000010)
Light Load Towels (856147000010)
Light Load Towels (856147000010)
Light Load Towels (856147000010)
Light Load Towels (856147000010)
Light Load Towels (856147000010)
Light Load Towels (856147000010)
Light Load Towels (856147000010)

Add These To Your Survival Kit! As every survival instructor teaches, having a wickable cloth bandana is an essential piece of survival equipment. But why stop there? Light Load Towels are uniquely designed to be extremely compact, yet expand to a size large enough for a multitude of uses that far surpass any bandana.

Made from a wickable fabric, Light Load Towels quickly absorb moisture, which means that you can even collect dew from plant life or other sources to stay hydrated, even in arid environments. Light Load Towels are durable, and will retain their use for a long time after first opening. To first use, dip in a little bit of water, and the towel EXPANDS to the full size.


  • Three 12 in. by 24 in. (30 x 60 cm) pieces to a pack.
  • Each piece has a waterproof packaging.
  • Each piece is large enough to cut into two 12 by 12 inch (30by30cm) towels.
  • Durable. Light Load Towels will retain their use long after opening and using.
  • Use for a wide variety of survival tasks.
  • USES:
    Light Load Towels have so many uses, it would be tough to name them all here, but here are some key examples:

  • Use to wick moisture from plant life and other sources to stay hydrated in survival situations.
  • First Aid tasks.
  • Fire Starting (yes, it will burn).
  • Use as a head wrap or scarf to stay warm or cool.
  • Use over head for shading neck or face.
  • Stay clean
  • Dimensions:
    Small enough to put into any survival kit, each towel disk is wrapped in a waterproof sheath and is 1.75 in. in diameter, 0.5 in. thick (0.5 ounces) and expands to 12 in. x 24 in.!

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