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InstaFire Fire Starter - Pouch (90-02518)

InstaFire Fire Starter - Pouch (90-02518)

InstaFire is an ideal brand of FUEL and an optimal FIRE STARTER. Packaged in a durable Mylar pouch, one packet of InstaFire is able to start many fires if you get caught out in the backcountry unexpectedly, or even if you just want something safe and nontoxic to start your campfire when you do plan to spend a night out in the bush.

Safe: Non toxic, and no harmful chemicals. Safely stores near food.

Perfect substitute for wood, charcoal or propane.
Lights and burns in wind, rain, sleet or snow.
Burns wet firewood at almost 1000 degrees F. InstaFire quickly dries out wet wood.

Lights in less than a second.
Compact and lightweight , easily fits and carries anywhere.

Burn Time: Each packet burns 15-25 minutes, depending on wind.

Shelf Life: 30 Years

CONTENTS: (1) 1.76 oz. packet in sealed Mylar pouch.

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