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Fire Starter Sticks 12 Pack (26-310-169)

Fire Starter Sticks 12 Pack (26-310-169)
Fire Starter Sticks 12 Pack (26-310-169)
Fire Starter Sticks 12 Pack (26-310-169)

These firestarter sticks are the perfect addition to your survival or emergency kit. Engineered to quickly get a fire going, but in a nontoxic and odorless form, and will take a spark even if wet. With 12 sticks per box, youíll have enough material to start many fires. Add these to your survival and emergency preparedness kit to reinforce your firestarting potential.

Quick and convenient
Firestarting tinder for emergency and survival campfires, or simply barbecues and fireplaces
Ignites instantly with flame or sparks
Will ignite even when wet
Non-toxic / odorless
12 Sticks per box
Each stick weighs .4 oz.
Box weight: 4.8 oz.

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