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Road Ready® Vehicle Survival Kit (26-130-00)

Road Ready® Vehicle Survival Kit (26-130-00)
Road Ready® Vehicle Survival Kit (26-130-00)
Road Ready® Vehicle Survival Kit (26-130-00)

The Road Ready Kit provides you with a small and compact kit with the essentials to get you through a vehicle emergency with confidence, and without breaking your wallet. The news is filled with stories of travelers who lose their way, and may have to spend a night or two waiting for rescue. Keep this kit in your vehicle, and you will have the ability to: signal for rescue, have food and water handy, change a tire in the dark with the headlamp, mark your position with the glowsticks, navigate with the button compass, stay dry with the emergency poncho, and stay warm with the emergency blanket.

1 Bright Red-Orange / Mylar Pouch with reflective side for signaling
1 3 oz. (85 g) Emergency Food Bar, 400 calorie
1 4.23 fl. Oz. (125 ml) Emergency Water Pouch
1 Button Compass
1 Emergency Heat Reflective Blanket
1 Emergency Rain Poncho
1 Survival Towel
1 eQ2 Utility Head Lamp (LED)
1 Handwarmer, 2 pack

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