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NOKERO N200 Solar Light Bulb (nokeron200)

NOKERO N200 Solar Light Bulb (nokeron200)
NOKERO N200 Solar Light Bulb (nokeron200)
NOKERO N200 Solar Light Bulb (nokeron200)
NOKERO N200 Solar Light Bulb (nokeron200)
NOKERO N200 Solar Light Bulb (nokeron200)
NOKERO N200 Solar Light Bulb (nokeron200)
NOKERO N200 Solar Light Bulb (nokeron200)
NOKERO N200 Solar Light Bulb (nokeron200)

For Emergency Preparedness, This Is The One: The N200 Solar Rechargeable Light Bulb.

In an emergency, a flash light is a handy item, but lighting your room or other space with a flashlight is a poor choice. For one, a flashlight is directional and does not create the kind of ambient lighting a room needs. Secondly, your flashlight most likely has a limited battery shelf life.

Introducing the Nokero N200 Solar Rechargeable Light Bulb; the most economical solar light on the market. The bulb is powered by its solar-rechargeable battery, and can last about 6 or more hours a night on one days charge. The Nokero N200 has a single solar panel that can be tilted toward the sun to maximize charge capacity. At night or in darkness, the N200 can be pivoted in whatever direction light is needed.

The Nokero N200 is durable, rainproof, and built of impact-resistant plastic.

Made To Last:
A Nokero light can last 5-10 years if well-cared for. Nokero is built of replaceable parts, which means it can last many years if it is well taken care of. Its LEDs can last for more than a decade, its solar panel for ten years or more, and its battery for about 500 cycles or about 1.5 years. The battery is easily replaced. If you are serious about emergency preparation, you cannot beat the Nokero N200.


  • Durable
  • Rainproof
  • Ni-MH battery lasts 1.5 years, and is replaceable
  • Hangs outdoors for charging
  • Portable
  • Simple to use
  • One state-of-the-art, high quality solar panel
  • Four wide-angle, light emitting diodes
  • AA-sized recyclable battery
  • Automatically switches off in bright light to save charge
  • On/Off switch
  • SPECS:

  • Number of LEDs: Four (4)
  • LED Current Draw: 50/150mA
  • Battery Capacity (max): 800 mAh
  • Battery operating temperature max: 55 degrees C
  • Battery operating temperature min: -20 degrees C
  • Housing material: ABS
  • Globe plastic: Polycarbonate
  • Hangar material: Stainless steel
  • Product dimensions: Length-8.5cm, Width-7.3cm, Height-17cm
  • Box dimensions: Length-9cm, Width-7.8cm, Height-10.3cm
  • Product weight: 130 grams
  • Daily operation time: 2.5 hours (high), 8 hours (low)
  • Switch type: 3-way Hi-Off-Low
  • Dimensions: about the size of a standard light bulb: 8.5 cm long, 7.3 cm wide, and 17 cm tall. 6 ounces.
  • Get Ready. Get the BEST. Get NOKERO (a Colorado business).

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