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Magnesium Striker Fire Flint - BCB (SMCN331)

Magnesium Striker Fire Flint - BCB (SMCN331)

The Striker Fire Flint is currently in use by the United States Coast Guard, as well as other organizations around the globe.

Scraping the flint of the Striker Fire Flint fire starter produces a shower of sparks suitable for lighting tinder. The fire starter flint is designed for years of use and the striker can be used as a small knife and saw.

Unlike many fire starter flints, the Striker Fire Flint includes a magnesium block that can be shaved for tinder that will burn with intense heat when lit with the flint. This fire starter will light thousands of fires.

All BCB Flint Fire Starters are specially impregnated with magnesium to produce hotter, larger sparks. As with all Flint and Steel Fire Starters, be sure to practice with the Striker Fire Starter Flint prior to actually having to use it in a survival fire starter capacity.

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