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Lifesaver JerryCan Shower Attachment (1pk) (SM100369)

Lifesaver JerryCan Shower Attachment (1pk) (SM100369)
Lifesaver JerryCan Shower Attachment (1pk) (SM100369)
Lifesaver JerryCan Shower Attachment (1pk) (SM100369)
Lifesaver JerryCan Shower Attachment (1pk) (SM100369)

The shower attachment fits both the jerrycan 10000UF and 20000UF and due to LIFESAVER ultra-filtration technology, the shower attachment dispenses clean, sterile water instantly. The shower attachment does not require power to operate and can be fitted to the jerrycan in minutes.

Showering in clean, sterile water is simple with the LIFESAVER jerrycan shower attachment

The LIFESAVER jerrycan shower attachment has been designed to increase the LIFESAVER jerrycan's versatility when out and about. Offering its user an easy to use solution, when without a shower in remote areas. The LIFESAVER shower attachment keeps you clean without the concern of washing in contaminated water, especially important when cleaning cuts and wounds. The LIFESAVER shower attachment allows safe, sterile water to be used for washing as well as cooking and cleaning of clothes.

LIFESAVER technology
The LIFESAVER technology is the world's first and only portable water filter to filter out ALL waterborne viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites. It achieves this by filtering down to 15 nanometers / 0.015 microns in size and as a result LIFESAVER technology removes the smallest known waterborne virus; parvovirus at 18 nanometers / 0.018 microns in size and the smallest known bacteria at 400 nanometers / 0.4 microns in size. With LIFESAVER technology, you can be 100% confident that you will only ever drink, wash and clean using safe, clean water. LIFESAVER technology does not require chemicals, power, mechanically advanced disinfection or UV light to operate.

Why buy a jerrycan shower attachment?
  • Shower with clean, sterile water
  • Produce clean, sterile water via the attachment for washing fruits and vegetables, cooking food and cleaning clothes.
  • Ideal for overland expeditions where safe water can not be guaranteed
  • Produces instant, sterile water ideal for cleaning cuts and wounds while on the move

  • What is unique about LIFESAVER?
  • Filter water down to 0.015 microns / 15 nanometers - no other portable technology will filter out the smallest known waterborne virus
  • FAILSAFE technology: when the cartridge expires the water stops flowing. It is impossible to produce contaminated water
  • The industry's best water flow rate - faster than any other portable water filter

  • LIFESAVER complies with International Drinking Water Regulations
    LIFESAVER systems ltd complies with all British, US and European drinking water regulations for microbiological reduction as tested and certified by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
    LIFESAVER International Warranty
    The LIFESAVER jerrycan shower attachment comes with a 2 year international warranty when purchased directly from LIFESAVER systems ltd or from an authorized LIFESAVER reseller. Avoid purchasing
    LIFESAVER products from any other supplier. LIFESAVER products sold from alternative suppliers can be defective, used, expired or unfit for use, and as such, will not be covered under LIFESAVER system ltd manufacturer's warranty.

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