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''Bomb-Proof'' Survival Firestarting/Stove Kit (BOMBPROOF)

''Bomb-Proof'' Survival Firestarting/Stove Kit (BOMBPROOF)
''Bomb-Proof'' Survival Firestarting/Stove Kit (BOMBPROOF)
''Bomb-Proof'' Survival Firestarting/Stove Kit (BOMBPROOF)
''Bomb-Proof'' Survival Firestarting/Stove Kit (BOMBPROOF)
''Bomb-Proof'' Survival Firestarting/Stove Kit (BOMBPROOF)
''Bomb-Proof'' Survival Firestarting/Stove Kit (BOMBPROOF)
''Bomb-Proof'' Survival Firestarting/Stove Kit (BOMBPROOF)
''Bomb-Proof'' Survival Firestarting/Stove Kit (BOMBPROOF)
''Bomb-Proof'' Survival Firestarting/Stove Kit (BOMBPROOF)
''Bomb-Proof'' Survival Firestarting/Stove Kit (BOMBPROOF)
''Bomb-Proof'' Survival Firestarting/Stove Kit (BOMBPROOF)
''Bomb-Proof'' Survival Firestarting/Stove Kit (BOMBPROOF)
''Bomb-Proof'' Survival Firestarting/Stove Kit (BOMBPROOF)

The "Bomb-proof" Survival Fire Starting/Stove Kit relies on time-proven technologies and materials that the most discriminating individual bent on proper preparedness will acknowledge. With a tip to its military foundations, the core of this kit is the Scout Fire Flint and Steel Striker, in use by Special Forces units and approved by survival experts worldwide.

Included is the Grabber Stainless Steel Esbit-Style Pocket Stove with 8 fuel cubes, a lightweight folding stove whose design has been in use since World War II, provides a stable stove platform for use with off the shelf metal containers or tin cans (often found in the wild). Important for boiling/purifying water and preparing food, this item cannot be overstated. This is followed by a generous supply of 8 Wetfire tm Tinder cubes, individually wrapped. These cubes are an odorless, smokeless fuel-tinder designed for the military. They can be easily put out and reused when needed, and only a small amount will start most fires. Two waterproof containers of NATO issued survival matches (25 per tube) are also included. These matches will burn for approximately 12 seconds each and will light and sustain fire in high winds. Finally, the entire kit is contained in a waterproof sil-nylon pouch that has a zipper with an easy pull cord (for use with gloves or mittens), and a clip so that the kit can be securely attached to yourself, or your gear. The bag contains extra room to store more gear, or to store dry tinder one finds along the way and keep it dry.


(1) Scout Fire Flint and Steel Striker:

  • This flint steel and striker generates a 3000 C spark and will light a fire or ignite fuel, such as Wetfire tm Tinder cubes, in rain or snow - - Approved by Survival Experts Worldwide -1.1oz.
  • (1) Grabber Esbit-Style Folding Pocket Stove: The Time Tested Survival Stove Design ... Now In Stainless Steel! Use the 8 fuel tabs that come with it, or use whatever is around. This stove is perfect for emergencies and survival kits! This compact (3 in. x 4 in. x 5 in.), sturdy, and lightweight (3.2 oz.) pocket size stove is an extremely efficient cooking tool designed for a variety of uses in the outdoors. It opens to two locking positions: fully open to support a frying pan or pot, or angled position for heating a cup. Plated stainless steel design is extremely durable and will not rust. Two supporting side panels help block wind and direct heat upwards. Store unused fuel tabs inside stove while not in use.

    Packaged with (8) eight Solid Fuel Tablets. Fuel tabs reach up to 1400 deg. F and burn an average of 10-12 minutes. The fuel tablets are non-toxic, odorless, and emit no harmful vapor. They are stable at temperature extremes, and leave little residue. They will not self-ignite, and can be extinguished for re-use by hard blowing.

    When the fuel tabs run out, no worries: you can still feed the stove while a pot or cup is on it with small sticks, dry grasses ... anything around you that will burn. You cannot do that with a typical backpacking stove, and that makes this stove great for survival kits and emergency preparedness!


  • Full windbreak
  • Holds cup, pot, or pan
  • Sturdy and STAINLESS STEEL!
  • Reusable
  • Comes with (8) eight fuel tablets
  • Weight 3.2 oz
  • (8) WetFire Tinder:

  • Developed for military personnel, WetFire Tinder is the best fire-starting tinder material available anywhere in the world. It is individually packaged in a lightweight solid cube form that cant leak or foul up your other gear. It leaves none of the residue of inferior petroleum-based products and is non-toxic.
  • The cubes burn without smoke and can be started even in high winds and nasty weather. In fact, the tinder burns while floating in water.
  • WetFire Tinder burns at over 1300 degrees yet cools almost instantly when snuffed out. A small pile of shavings is enough to start a campfire, or warming/drying of other fuel.
  • (50) NATO Survival Matches, 50 ind. In Two Sealed Bulk Tubes with Strikers:

  • Burns in the strongest winds and rain for approximately 12 seconds. 25 matches per sealed plastic vial with striker (2 vials included, totaling 50 matches). NATO approved:NATO # 9920-00-966-9432.
  • (1) Sil-Nylon Carry Pouch:

  • 1.1 ounce silicone impregnated ripstop nylon for durable waterproof protection.
  • 1.0" clip for attachment to gear, parachute cord, etc.
  • Dimensions: 6"w x 4.5"h with 1" gussets for expansion. Perfect for thigh pockets.
  • Durable zipper with attached lanyard.
  • Available in Salamander Red (for easy identification) or Subdued Earth.

  • Note: Matches cannot be sent to international customers.

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