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VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)

VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)
VIVE Bail-Out Bag (VIVE-BOB)

The VIVE Bail-Out Bag is a kit designed to be a smaller, low-profile hand/shoulder/waist pack that you can store nearly anywhere and grab-and-go conveniently. This kit is designed to be a get-home bag, but in the event a night or two spent outside is required in an emergency, this kit will provide for that as well. Designed in muted colors (coyote tan or black) to enable discreet storage in your vehicle.


CARRYING PACK: Tactical Shoulder/Hand/Waist Pack:
Features a main zippered compartment with interior mesh for storing essential gear and tools. The pack also features a front zipper pouch and two side zipper pouches, MOLLE straps, exterior pen/tool holder, D-Rings and an adjustable/removable shoulder strap with quick release buckle that allows the pack to transform into a tactical waist pack.
  • Multiple Zippered Compartments
  • M.O.L.L.E. Compatibility
  • D Rings
  • Top carry handle & shoulder strap that can be removed and attached as waist strap
  • 600 Denier Polyester
  • Empty Dimanesions: Overall: 14" x 5.5" x 7"
  • Coyote Brown or Black options.


    (1) SOL Emergency Bivvy (Sleeping Bag):
  • A full sleeping bag that reflects 90% body heat.
  • Mylar reinforced with fused polyethylene to prevent tears.
  • Will not shred if nicked or punctured.
  • Sealed on the sides for full protection from rain, wind, and snow.
  • Quiet.
  • Highly visible for rescue personnel to spot from a distance.
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Size: 84" x 36"
  • Weight: 3.8oz.

  • (1) SOL Two- Person Survival Blanket:
    The most advanced emergency survival blanket on the market that can be used for warmth, protection, and shelter construction. Reflects 90% of body heat.
  • Sized for two people.
  • Mylar reinforced with fused polyethylene to prevent tears.
  • Will not shred if nicked or punctured.
  • Quiet.
  • Highly visible for rescue personnel to spot from a distance.
  • Waterproof and windproof.
  • Survival instructions printed directly on the blanket.
  • Can be used to create overhead cover for survival shelters.
  • Weight: 3.5 oz: Size: 60 in. x 96 in.

  • (1) Frogg Toggs Emergency Weather Poncho:
    This waterproof, one size fits most poncho provides large coverage so you stay dry. Constructed from an ultralight waterproof, breathable, recyclable, non-woven polypropylene material free of PVC. The patented bi-laminate technology has welded waterproof seams and unmatched sweat-free breathability.
  • Nonwoven material (not PVC)
  • Waterproof & breathable polypropylene with waterproof seams
  • Packaged in reusable bag
  • Weight: ~ 3 oz
  • One size fits most (44’’ x 40’’)

  • (1) Reflective Survival Jacket:
    A full-sized jacket made from reflective mylar material that reflects 80% of body heat back to you, keeping you warm when temperatures drop unexpectedly.

  • Retains heat from the head, torso, and arms.
  • Wind & Waterproof.
  • Full size: Chest: 50” (measured from armpit, all the way around): Length 35” (measured from bottom of hood); Armlength: 32” (measured from edge of hood).
  • Four re-sealable tape closures for front.
  • Weight: 1.7 ounces packed. Dimensions packed: 3.25” x 4.75” x 0.75”.
  • Best used underneath outer layer or between layers to prevent snagging and to maximize heat reflectivity.


    (1) Aquamira Water Purifcation Tablets, 20 Pack
  • Each tablet purifies one liter (32oz.) of water and are individually sealed.
  • To use, simply drop one tablet into one liter of water and wait the required time.
  • EPA Registered Purifier, Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets contain a patented chlorine dioxide formula that produces a powerful germicidal agent when released in water.
  • When used as directed, Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets meet the EPA guidelines for Microbiological Water Purifiers; making it the safest solution on the market.
  • Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets will not discolor water and will actually improve the taste of treated water.
  • The tablets have a three year shelf life (up to five under certain conditions).
  • (QTY) 1 packs of 20 tablets, enough to treat 20 Liters of water.

  • (2) 1 Liter Stand Up Water Collection and Purification Bags:
  • Used as a back-up water collection bag and for use with the Aquamira water purification tablets in the event a hydration bladder or water bottle is lost or damaged.
  • Sterile. 1,065 ml capacity.
  • Gusset at bottom flattens to create stand up bag.
  • Sealed after collection by whirling with attached folding tabs.
  • 4.0 mil thick. Can be frozen to any temperature.
  • Can be used to treat collected water with water purification tablets.
  • (QTY) 2


    (1) Mainstay 1,200 Calorie Survival Ration: (No cooking or heating required)
  • 5 year Shelf Life
  • Non-Thirst Provoking (important in survival situations where water resources may be low.)
  • Withstands Temperatures of -40 F to 300 F (-40 C to 149 C)
  • Ready to Eat: Each package contains 6 pre-measured 400 calorie meals.
  • Individualized portions eliminate the messy breaking-up that occurs with other bars
  • Allows for emergency consumption in a high-stress active situations.
  • Contains no cholesterol or tropical oils.
  • Meets the US Coast Guard standards (160.046/23/0).
  • Modern packaging meets the stringent guidelines set by the Department of Defense (SOLAS 74/83).
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals exceeding the RDA requirements.
  • Pleasant lemon-cookie flavor which appeals to everyone.
  • Mainstay is Kosher and it meets the dictates for Halal
  • Made in the USA!


    (1) UCO Storm-proof Match Kit with 25 Matches:
  • Waterproof container.
  • External striker for easy lighting.
  • Includes 25 windproof and waterproof matches and 3 strikers.
  • Matches are easy to light and will relight after being submerged in water!
  • Up to 15 second burn time.
  • Extended length of match allows for added safety to keep from burning fingertips.

  • (2) Wetfire Tinder Cubes:
  • Designed for the U.S. Military, WetFire Tinder is the standard in survival fire starting.
  • Individually packaged solid cubes.
  • Non-toxic, smoke and odor free.
  • Can be extinguished instantly, and remainder used later.
  • Burns at over 1300 deg. F.
  • Best use: pulverize small amount to increase surface area, then spark to ignite. Save unused portion. A small amount of pulverized material is usually enough to start a fire.
  • Quantity: 2 individually sealed cubes.

  • (1) Fresnel Lens Magnifier and Solar Fire Starter:
  • A flat magnifying lens, 2 in. x 3 in.
  • Used to start fires using the sun.
  • Also used to read small print, especially if glasses are lost.


    (1) Escape & Evade® Wrist Compass II:
  • Shielded wrist compass with flip-top hard shell
  • Rugged 22mm tactical strap, widely adjustable.
  • Liquid filled.
  • Grade A
  • Easy to read at a glance.
  • Water resistant to 30 feet
  • Temperature range -20 to 120 F


    (1) J5 Tactical Flashlight, 300 Lumens:
  • Small but intense Super-Charged LED Flashlight (Max 300 Lumens)
  • The beam can sweep light over the length of two football fields on a clear night.
  • Adjustable Focus Range – Zoom in for an intense beam or out for wider illumination.
  • 3 Different Modes of use. High / Low / Strobe (for signaling)
  • 300 Lumen max output using only a single AA Battery (not included)
  • A single battery will give you more than a solid hour of brilliant bright light. Or, last a couple of weeks with normal daily use.
  • Compact tactical design
  • Scalloped defender head for use as a potential defense tool.

  • (1) Survival Metrics Rescue Whistle:
  • Stronger, louder, and more effective than most whistles on the market for signaling. 3-Chambered 120 Decibel Sound:
  • 1 main chamber with a waterproof pea, creates a loud staccato sound critical for being heard above the roar of wind and emergency vehicles. Pea creates better penetration of sound through glass than strictly pealess.
  • 2 secondary chambers create separate omnidirectional high pitched sounds
  • Loud 120 Decibel sound gets you heard in noisy environments.
  • 3 chambered loud whistle
  • Solid Whistle Construction: ABS plastic will not stick to lips and mouth in cold weather.
  • Hands-Free Mouth Grip.
  • Universal locking safety clip and waffled texture for easy grip.
  • Meets anti-choking standards for children.

  • (1) Rescue Flash Signal Mirror:
    Visible over 20 miles, durable LEXAN polycarbonate mirror with mil-spec retro-reflective aiming aid for one-handed use.


    (1) Tactical Knife, Titanium Coated with KYDEX® Sheath:
  • Fixed blade survival knife with sheath and removable handle.
  • Titanium-coated, 420 stainless steel blade is resistant to corrosion.
  • Full-tang knife with 3" blade, stiletto tip and butt-end for breaking glass.
  • Quick-release, nylon sheath with belt clip and 2 webbing attachment.
  • Mounts to leg, boot and MOLLE systems.
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning.
  • Coyote tan color

  • (1) NAR Personal Protection Equipment (PPE KIT):
    Features the state of the art NAR Respirator and Black Talon Ultimate Nitrile Gloves in a compact lightweight kit. The NAR PPE Kit is supplied in a vacuum sealed, rugged, easy to open package that allows for quick and effective application in the most extreme conditions.
  • Respirator is certified to the NIOSH N95 standard for disposable particulate respirators
  • Secure, comfortable fit with adjustable nose bridge and low breathing resistance
  • Reduced packaging volume for easy storage
  • Supplied with two individually wrapped pairs of Black Talon® Nitrile Gloves (Size: Large)


    (1) Saber Cut Chain Saw:
    Useful to clear fallen timber from roadways and trails, shelter construction, and firewood procurement.
  • Flexibile 24” blade cuts at a variety of angles with little clearance
  • Sharpens with standard 1/8” saw blade sharpener
  • Can be extended by simply adding extra cordage to each handle
  • Lasts indefinitely with minimal maintenance
  • Self-cleaning saw teeth

  • (1) Multitool: All stainless steel construction with bead blast finish. FEATURES:
  • Needlenose pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • Metal/wood file
  • Partially serrated clip blade
  • Leather bore
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Can/bottle opener
  • Ruler
  • Hook disgorger
  • Wood saw
  • Scraping blade
  • Large and fine flat head screwdrivers
  • Wire stripper
  • Black nylon belt sheath with pocket clip. 4 3/4" closed.

  • Parachute Cord, Military Grade 550 lb. Test, 7 Strand – 20 Feet.
    Genuine high grade parachute cord issued to U.S. Military forces. 7 inner nylon cord strands, plus the shell, equals 160 feet of high quality nylon cord for use to make shelters, fishing lines, snares, repairs, barricades, and many more survival items.

    (2) 100 MPH Tape:

    Issued to U.S. Military Forces.
    Versus regular duct tape, 100 MPH tape:
  • (1) Better adheres to objects that vibrate, pull, or twist;
  • (2) Better able to be taken off an object, and re-applied elsewhere;
  • (3) Stronger than regular duct tape;
  • (4) Adhesive more stable over time, comes off cleaner;
  • (5) Better able to wrap on itself.
  • Holds through sunlight, heat, cold, snow, and rain.
  • Quantity: (2) rolls, 2 in. x 4 foot each in zip pouch.

  • Silicone Self-fusing Tape, one 1 in. x 5 ft. roll.
    Originally developed for military application and extreme situations, self-fusing silicone tape is unlike any other kind of tape.

    When stretched and wrapped on any surface, it bonds instantly and forms a watertight, airtight seal, even when applied underwater or exposed to or submerged in solvents. Adheres to itself like no other tape can, and without adhering to the surface itself.
  • Clean, Self-Fusing and Permanent
  • Repairs Leaks Under Pressure, Under Water
  • Controls an unbelievable 700 PSI
  • Seals Air and Water Tight in Seconds
  • Each Layer Insulated to 8000 Volts
  • Tolerates 500 degree F Temperatures
  • Flexibility Maintained to -85° degree F
  • Works on Dirty, Greasy and Wet Surfaces Applications:
  • Plumbing repairs, pipe sealing, and radiator hoses
  • Electrical cord repair
  • High heat surfaces
  • Medical applications: can be used to create a tourniquet (caution: must have proper training!)

  • (1) Waterproof Notebook with Pencil:
    For leaving notes to other survivors, potential rescuers, making field maps of locations and snares, and many other uses.
  • Durable waterproof, tear-proof notebook
  • Handy survival essentials checklist on back cover
  • Great for keeping logs in wet environments
  • Pocket-sized to fit anywhere
  • 50 page count
  • Pencil included
  • Dimensions: 3 in. x 5 in.

  • Kit Dimensions: (Full) 8x14x7.5
    Kit Weight: (Full) 4 lbs, 12 oz.

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