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V-Lite™ Multipurpose Illumination Identification Marker (V-LITE)

V-Lite™ Multipurpose Illumination Identification Marker  (V-LITE)

V-Lite™ Multipurpose Personal Illumination / Identification Marker

The V-Lite™ is a versatile personal lighting/identification marker. A simple and intuitive alternative to chemlight sticks. One button to cycle through the preset functions keeps it simple. Fully encapsulated to ruggedize the electronics, the flexible silicone body not only protects the good stuff inside, but also conforms to curved surfaces. Mounting is made simple with the V-Lite™ sleeve, providing the operator with a Velcro-backed attachment system. Weighing in at a mere 0.8 ounces, it’s an unnoticeable addition to your helmet during routine operations and low-profile enough to reduce snag hazards during airborne operations. Use it in the field, at home or abroad; or slip it into MOLLE /PALS webbing.

  • On/Blink/Off Modes
  • Runtime: 120+ Hours (continuous)
  • Includes Plastic V-Lite sleeve with Velcro backing and Lanyard
  • NOTES: Run-times vary depending on frequency of use and duration of "ON" cycles. Battery is not replaceable

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