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Tactical Mini Hammock (SM9215000)

Tactical Mini Hammock (SM9215000)
Tactical Mini Hammock (SM9215000)
Tactical Mini Hammock (SM9215000)
Tactical Mini Hammock (SM9215000)
Tactical Mini Hammock (SM9215000)

This Tactical Mini Gear Hammock is perfect to carry in any kit. Its small, compact size, integrated stuff sack and durability means you can get off the ground to rest, or get your gear suspended in virtually any scenario. The U.S. military has been using this style of hammock for decades to build individual “hooches” to get off the ground in a wide variety of scenarios.

The mini hammock is 2' x 7' to accommodate most people when used as a place to sit or lie down, and is easy to set up between two trees, posts, or other structures. The hammock is made from knot free nylon mesh, and folds up to fit into the included mesh carry bag for easy transport. Great for use as an emergency stretcher, snare, fishing net, or hanging storage for gear.

  • Constructed from a knot free nylon mesh material
  • Highly compactible and stores in mesh carry bag with cord lock
  • Can also be used as an emergency stretcher, snare, survival fishing net or hanging storage
  • Great for outdoor camping, survival or adding to any bug out bag
  • 2' x 7'
  • Subdued green color for tactical applications
  • 9.4 oz with stuff sack

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    On Sale:$9.95
    You Save:29%

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