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Speedhook MILITARY Survival Fishing Kit (SH-M1)

Speedhook MILITARY Survival Fishing Kit (SH-M1)
Speedhook MILITARY Survival Fishing Kit (SH-M1)
Speedhook MILITARY Survival Fishing Kit (SH-M1)
Speedhook MILITARY Survival Fishing Kit (SH-M1)

Speedhook™ are currently in use by U.S. Military Units worldwide. They have been deemed mandatory survival items for inclusion with survival / vest applications by the US Army Project Management (PM) Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) Aircrew Integrated Systems for the US Army Air Warrior Program.

Speedhook™ are in use at the following survival training programs:
Universal Training Systems, Western Region Aviation Survival School, (WRASS), Oregon.
U.S. Army Survival Training Classes (SERE) Ft. Bragg, NC.
U.S. Air Force Coastal Survival Course (SERE) FL/AK.
U.S. Navy SEALS Survival Training (SERE) Little Creek, VA.
U.S. Army Survival Vests and Kits Fort Benning, GA.

Speedhook™ is a spring-loaded fish trap that automatically hooks a fish or game.
Made in the USA / Berry Compliant
Check local laws before using - so effective it is illegal to use in many locations (Minnesota and others).
Used by U.S. Special Forces and Military Forces
New and Improved Bait
No fishing pole needed
Weight: 2 oz.
NSN 4220-01-379-5598

  • Military Speedhook™ Spring Body
  • 30 feet of 20 Pound Test Dacron Hand Casting Line (Green Camo, Invisible in the water)
  • #10 Gold Hook (attracts fish without bait in an emergency)
  • Stealth Bobber Bag
  • Improved Dehydrated Bait
  • Adjustment Tool
  • Survival Instructions

  • This genuine military kit is designed for use in survival or stealth operations. The Speedhook™ will allow the user to fish or trap while doing other tasks (shelter building, wood gathering, etc.) or when you need to remain undetected.

    Ensuring proper use in accordance with applicable laws is the purchaser's responsibility. By adding this item to the cart, you, the Buyer, verify that you accept these terms. For a description of these terms, please see our policies and general legal statement.

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