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Photon Freedom® Micro - Green Lens (BFM-G-Green Lens)

Photon Freedom® Micro - Green Lens (BFM-G-Green Lens)
Photon Freedom® Micro - Green Lens (BFM-G-Green Lens)
Photon Freedom® Micro - Green Lens (BFM-G-Green Lens)
Photon Freedom® Micro - Green Lens (BFM-G-Green Lens)
Photon Freedom® Micro - Green Lens (BFM-G-Green Lens)

The Photon Freedom Micro is truly one of the easiest to use, powerful, full-featured micro lights available.

  • Four safety modes: slow, medium, fast and SOS
  • Signal/Morse Code mode
  • Single button operation—Easy operation even with gloves
  • Easy battery replacement—lithium batteries provide long lasting service even in sub-zero temperatures
  • Quick release ring—reliably attaches to gear for quick release.
  • Water resistant
  • 24K gold plated contacts—superior corrosion resistance
  • Glass filled polyurethane case—virtually indestructible
  • Hands-free multi-purpose Photon hat-clip with magnet and lanyard included
  • Bulk packaged with instructions.
  • Made in the USA

  • Latest in multi-mode micro lighting. Five safety modes. Full range of dim to bright and signal mode. Water resistant black polyurethane case. Lithium batteries. Gold plated battery contacts. Snap hook. Neck lanyard. Also includes multi-purpose clip that easily attaches to clothing, cap, backpack, laptop, etc.

    All it takes is a simple squeeze of the button to give you instant full power illumination at anytime. To dim the light once it is turned on, simply press and hold the button to dim the light to the desired level.

    Pressing and holding the button when the light is already off will turn it on at the lowest level and allow you to gradually increase the brightness to give you just the amount of light you need to accomplish your task without disturbing your night vision or disrupting those around you.

    When needed, the four safety strobe functions (fast, medium, slow, & SOS) can be accessed by continuing to hold the button down. Once the light has dimmed or brightened fully, it will proceed to cycle through the various strobe functions. Simply release the button when you reach the desired beacon mode.

    An additional "signaling" mode can be accessed by tapping the button several times in rapid succession. When in the signaling mode, the Freedom Micro will behave like the squeeze-only Photon I, with the light turning on only while the button is pressed and off when it is released. To exit the signaling mode and return the light to normal operation, simply press and hold the button for several seconds until the light turns off.

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