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Pathfinder Deluxe Pocket Hunter Kit (SM-1275-PF)

Pathfinder Deluxe Pocket Hunter Kit (SM-1275-PF)
Pathfinder Deluxe Pocket Hunter Kit (SM-1275-PF)
Pathfinder Deluxe Pocket Hunter Kit (SM-1275-PF)
Pathfinder Deluxe Pocket Hunter Kit (SM-1275-PF)
Pathfinder Deluxe Pocket Hunter Kit (SM-1275-PF)

Deluxe Pathfinder Pocket Hunter Kit

  • Marksman #3040 slingshot.
  • Pocket Hunter Adapter with fishing spool and cap.
  • Standard Hunting Band (28-30lb at 28” draw), leather pouch with Paracord installed.
  • 1 extra Hunting Band, leather pouch with Paracord.
  • OD Green, 2 pocket canvas pouch.
  • Instructions for use.

  • The Pathfinder School recognized that carrying standard size arrows in your pack would be inconvenient, if not impossible, that is why the Pathfinder 3 piece Take Down Arrows (arrows sold separately) are a perfect complement to the Pocket Hunter. With a 28-30lb pull at a 28 inch draw, the Pathfinder Pocket Hunter and 3 Piece Take Down Arrows are the ultimate in survival tools.

    Please check your local hunting laws and regulations before hunting with the Pocket Hunter.


    Safety Instructions:

    When using the Pathfinder Pocket Hunter, always be mindful of ricochet and always wear protective eye-gear. Before each shot, inspect the hunting bands for wear, brittleness, tears, or other signs of wear or breaking. Replace damaged or worn bands immediately! Do not use the Pathfinder Pocket Hunter until all these safety guidelines are met first!

    Do not dry fire the pocket hunter or shoot steel shot, rocks, etc. without taking the adapter off first!

  • Due to customs restrictions the following countries will not allow importing of this item: UK, Germany, Ireland, and Australia. Please check with your countries customs regulations before ordering.
  • Obey all local hunting laws before using this product. Buyer takes full responsibility for any use or misuse of this product.
  • Cannot ship to the state of New Jersey.

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