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Grayl G3 Purifier (920800)

Grayl G3 Purifier (920800)
Grayl G3 Purifier (920800)
Grayl G3 Purifier (920800)

CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. Designed for the Grayl Water Filter Cup as an additional Purifier for maximum purification to replace the standard Filter that comes with the Grayl Water Filter Cup :

The ultimate in filtration technology:
  • Filters 99.999% of Bacteria (such as E. Coli), Viruses (such as (Hepatitis A, SARS, and Rotavirus ) and Protozoan Cysts (Cryptosporidium and Giardia)
  • Filters certain industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals, including BPA and Penicillin.
  • Filters heavy metals such as lead and aluminum.
  • Filters impurities that can cause bad flavor and odor, such as Chlorine and Sulfur.
  • The G3+ Purifier and Filter are interchangeable and fit the GRAYL Water Filtration Cup.
  • 1) Triple ion-charged mesh traps disease causing germs. Removes 99.99% of bacteria, such as E. Coli;
  • 2) Ultra-powdered activated carbon derived from coconut husks absorbs many heavy metals such as lead; certain pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals (including BPA); and odors / flavors.
  • 3) Integrated anti-microbial agent inhibits growth of mold, bacteria, fungus and mildew, keeping Grayl fresh between uses.
  • BPA Free
  • Weight: 2.9oz (82g)
  • Size 2.9in (7.3cm) height - 2.7in (6.7cm) diameter
  • Flow rate: 16oz (500ml) in 30 seconds (1L/minute)
  • Materials: food grade plastic, G3+ Filter media
  • Lifespan: 300 uses - 40 gallons (150L) - approximately 3 months. (Replace more frequently if a lot of sediment present in water source)
  • Tested according to NSF/ANSI 42 and 53.

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